New K-Pop Boyband TWS Make Debut With ‘Plot Twist’

Pledis Entertainment has recently debuted a new K-pop boy band called TWS. The six-member group includes Shinyu, Doyoon, Youngjae, Hanjin, Jihoon, and Kyungmin. TWS is an abbreviation of “Twenty-Four Seven With Us.”. The group’s first mini-album, ‘Sparkling Blue’, was released on January 22, 2024, and features the lead single, ‘Plot Twist’. TWS has quickly gained attention for their impressive vocal abilities and synchronized dance performances. ‘Plot Twist’ showcases the group’s unique sound, blending catchy melodies with powerful rap verses. The release has garnered positive reviews from fans and critics alike, solidifying TWS as a promising newcomer in the K-pop industry.

The music video for ‘Plot Twist’ portrays the members of TWS on their first day at a new school, highlighting the awkward moments they faced as newcomers. Along with the single, TWS also released a pre-release track called ‘OH MYMY: 7S’, earlier this month. The music video for the pre-release track featured cameo appearances from members of their labelmates SEVENTEEN, their producer BUMZU, and HYBE chairman Bang Si-hyuk.

TWS’ debut album ‘Sparkling Blue’ includes other tracks such as ‘Unplugged Boy’, ‘First Hooky’, and ‘BFF’. This is Pledis Entertainment’s first boy band in nine years since the debut of SEVENTEEN back in 2015. TWS is also the first group that the agency has debuted with since girl group PRISTIN in 2016. It’s worth noting that fromis_9, another K-pop girl group, was recently signed by Pledis Entertainment after being transferred from their original agency, Off The Record, in 2021. Adding TWS to Pledis Entertainment’s roster significantly expands their artist lineup. With the inclusion of TWS, Pledis Entertainment now boasts a diverse range of talent, encompassing both boy and girl groups. This strategic move showcases the agency’s commitment to cultivating and promoting various musical acts in the K-pop industry.

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