Victor Thompson “Blessed” Album Review


Victor Thompson

  • Genre: Afro-Beat
  • Date: 01 Dec, 2023
  • Content: Not-explicit
  • Region: NGA
  • Track(s): 18
  • ℗ 2023 NWE Worldwide

Victor Thompson &Quot;Blessed&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, February 24, 2024

The Nigerian gospel singer and songwriter Victor Thompson announced the release of his highly anticipated debut album, “Blessed,” via NWE Worldwide on December 1. With gospel and afrobeat overtones, Thompson’s song “Blessed” is uplifting and inspirational, showcasing his musical talent’s depth and dedication to spreading themes of joy, gratitude, and faith. In every song, Thompson enthrals listeners with his unique musical style, commanding vocals, emotional words, and catchy melodies. “Blessed” demonstrates Thompson’s commitment to uplifting people’s spirits and transforming the gospel music scene. With its catchy sounds and uplifting messages, this album will resonate with audiences worldwide, solidifying Thompson’s position as a rising star.

Victor Thompson’s debut album uses upbeat tunes and rhythmic beats to take listeners on a spiritual journey. The soul-stirring blend of afrobeat and gospel rhythms in “Blessed” goes beyond musical borders. Victor Thompson is well-known for his stirring songs and inspirational sayings. His musical career has been nothing short of extraordinary. His involvement as a contestant on Season 2 of The Voice Nigeria in 2017 was one of the early highlights of his meteoric career. Since then, Thompson has made a name for himself in music. Significantly, Apple named him among the top 5 emerging Nigerian musicians, demonstrating his expanding stature in the business.

Album Art

Victor Thompson &Quot;Blessed&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, February 24, 2024

The album art shows the vocalist dressed in white and donning traditional brown pants as he strikes a pose that makes him look like he’s meditative while dancing and showing some moves; indeed, he is blessed. The background’s vibrant colours and intricate patterns add a touch of spirituality to the overall aesthetic. This visual representation perfectly captures the album’s essence, showcasing the artist’s unique blend of introspection and joyful expression.

Tracks And Features

Putting a spin on the well-known Psalm 23 passage, the vocalist “Stallion” opens the listening experience. He gracefully serenades his audience while singing about God’s kindness in his life and giving thanks to his creator. With its poignant lyrics and beautiful melodies, “Stallion” captivates listeners and displays the vocalist’s remarkable vocal range and control. His ability to eloquently express a profound sense of gratitude and faith with every note leaves a deep impression on listeners.

Victor recognizes in his next song, “Carry Me Like a Baby,” the safety God offers him and the amazement of his love and care. This relaxing track is full of thankfulness; the melody is tight, and the production is excellent. “Carry Me Like a Baby” crafts a tranquil ambience that ideally matches the poignant words with its calming vocals and soft instrumentals. Victor’s vulnerability comes through his gratitude for God’s constant presence. A sense of empowerment and a reminder of the strength of heavenly love are present throughout the song.

Attempting to sing in Zulu, the Nigerian artist on “Nkosi” sings of God’s wonder. The afrobeat arrangement is excellent, and fans of instrumentation who have good ears will appreciate the resonant, pleasing guitar chord in the background. The mix of Zulu and Nigerian enhances the song’s distinctive flavour, demonstrating the artist’s adaptability and appreciation of different cultures. “Nkosi” has a catchy beat and fascinating vocals, leaving listeners wanting more of this enjoyable musical experience.

Next is “Na You,” which carries on the sonically beautiful afrobeat composition arrangement while expressing gratitude to God and acknowledging that he has a believer’s mindset. Lively instrumentals and catchy rhythms seamlessly complement the heartfelt lyrics in this song. “Na You” bears witness to the artist’s unshakable faith and appreciation for God through its inspirational message.

The lyrics to “Halle,” “Eyes Never See,” and “Light” aim to thank God for what he has done while also urging listeners to maintain their faith and hope that things will get better. On “Light,” he declares over an amapiano-style beat that he is the world’s light and cannot be hidden. The inspirational lyrics encourage listeners to stay strong during difficult times and hold onto their faith in the face of misfortune. These songs show his thanks to God for His favours while inspiring hope in his listeners.

“Uwese” features Greatman Takit as the album’s first feature. The song, which describes God’s magnificence and praises thanks as the highest form of worship, uses local dialect in its lyrical content. “Uwese” exemplifies Greatman Takit’s solid vocals and ability to combine traditional elements with modern sounds. The track’s contagious rhythm and moving lyrics produce an engaging listening experience that appeals to listeners of various backgrounds.

Remixes of “This Year (Blessings),” his most well-known hit song, are featured as the album closes. To date, Thompson’s breakthrough song has had over 170 million plays. In addition to being featured on Spotify’s Daily Viral 100 chart globally and in 36 local countries, the song soared to #3 on the Billboard U.S. Afrobeat Songs Chart. It achieved #1 on Billboard’s U.S. Hot Gospel Songs chart on October 28. Following the song’s success, Thompson collaborated with Gunna on a remix, which the two performed live in September at Gunna’s sold-out event at Youtube Theater in Los Angeles. Additional remixes include Gunna, Ehis’ D Great, a French collaboration with Vacra, a Brazilian collaboration with Hungria Hip Hop, a North African remix with Kouz1, and an acoustic, sped-up, and extended version.


1 Stallion Victor Thompson 2:53
2 Carry me like Baby Victor Thompson 3:12
3 Nkosi Victor Thompson 3:02
4 Na You Victor Thompson 2:44
5 Halle Victor Thompson 2:49
6 Eyes Never See Victor Thompson 3:04
7 Light Victor Thompson 3:11
8 Uwese (feat. Greatman Takit) Victor Thompson 3:12
9 Grow Victor Thompson 3:44
10 Water Victor Thompson 3:10
11 THIS YEAR (Blessings) [feat. Ehis ‘D’ Greatest] Victor Thompson 2:06
12 THIS YEAR (Blessings) Victor Thompson, Gunna & Ehis ‘D’ Greatest 2:40
13 THIS YEAR (Blessings) [feat. Ehis ‘D’ Greatest] Victor Thompson 3:07
14 THIS YEAR (Blessings) [feat. Ehis ‘D’ Greatest & Vacra] Victor Thompson 2:14
15 THIS YEAR (Blessings) [feat. Ehis ‘D’ Greatest & kouz1] Victor Thompson 2:09
16 THIS YEAR (Blessings) [feat. Hungria Hip Hop & Ehis ‘D’ Greatest] Victor Thompson 2:01
17 THIS YEAR (Blessings) [feat. Ehis ‘D’ Greatest] Victor Thompson 2:18
18 THIS YEAR (Blessings) [feat. Ehis ‘D’ Greatest] Victor Thompson 1:30

Album Summary

Victor boldly declares his identity in Christ and expresses gratitude to God for saving him, describing the album as a gratitude record. He delivers a solid vocal rendition of melodic tunes within well-produced beat tracks. A versatile musician who wants to use his gift for the gospel, his prowess is demonstrated by songs like ‘Stallion,’ ‘Nkosi,’ and ‘Light.’ ‘Carry Me Like Baby’ is another album highlight, even as ‘This Year (Blessings)’ remains his most renowned hit. It features remarkable melodic skills by Thompson as he discusses his relationship with God, Nkosi, and Uwese. In summary, Victor Thompson’s debut album demonstrates his talent for crafting varied and fascinating melodies while also serving as a monument to his beliefs.


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