Heating Up : Brymo Reacts To Peter Okoye’s Statement To Seun Kuti

As Nigeria’s general elections continue to gather momentum for the Polls this month, warring factions as regards favorites for the offices contested, especially that of the next president, continue to have a go at each other as they make their claims. One such is the ongoing debacle between Peter Okoye and Seun Kuti.

Seun Kuti had taken to social media earlier to invalidate the candidacy of the people’s “favorite,” Mr. Peter Obi of The Labour Party, branded him an “opportunist,” and advocated for the nomination and election into the office of the president, of Mr. Bola Tinubu of the Ruling Party, APC,  instead. Unsurprisingly, this evoked a reaction from Mr. P, one of the most Vocal supporters of Mr. Obi’s Intentions to rule the country as president.

The Duo, Seun, and Peter, then said some unkind things to each other in the back and forth that ensued them, all in the process of standing their ground and making the other “see” the light. This has gotten many Netizens mixed feelings, as some stand for the claims, and others, against them.

Brymo has also joined the “conversation” as he replied to Mr. P’s comment while siding with Seun. The Alternative Singer and one of Nigeria’s Finest vocalists and Music makers, Brymo, used his social media platform to respond to a statement made by Peter Okoye, one-half of the famed duo P-Square, in response to one made by singer Seun Kuti.

After Peter Okoye commented about his father and how he was a self-made man as he tackled Seun Kuti on being relevant because of his father’s (Fela) exploits, Brymo called him out.

Heating Up : Brymo Reacts To Peter Okoye'S Statement To Seun Kuti, Yours Truly, News, April 13, 2024

Brymo quote-replied to the post on Twitter, saying:

Heating Up : Brymo Reacts To Peter Okoye'S Statement To Seun Kuti, Yours Truly, News, April 13, 2024

Bros .. you never delete ? keep this post wey trifle your pops just cause it reads like you are self-made and he inherited fame ?.. that’s your point, right ?.. this belittles yours.. this is entirely self-serving; I doubt you own your successes, you belong to your sponsors?

Brymo was caught up recently in a social media rant where he made derogatory remarks about “The Igbos” in the country. So naturally, this was met with a lot of backlash on social media. However, he has since come out to clarify himself and apologize.

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