Brymo Makes A Stunning Statement Criticizing 2baba

Brymo is throwing tantrums just about anywhere now. But this time, It’s against 2Face Idibia.

In a recent tweet on social media, he made a startling claim and remark about Afrobeat musical great 2Baba. The celebrated performer, Innocent Idibia, often known as 2Baba, was disparaged by award-winning musician and entertainer Brymo in ludicrous words.

In a message he published on social media on February 19, 2023, Brymo claimed that he was not a singer whom 2Baba could challenge due to his position in the industry.

Taking to Twitter, he wrote:

And 2face, Bros leave me out of list of colleagues you dey seek to show say you Dey here before ..I don’t give a fuck .. and whatever you may not say you are of self, that you act in the dark, that you are very much naught of …

This won’t be the first time Brymo has accused 2Baba before. In October 2021, he claimed that the singer had accused him of allegedly having a sexual relationship with his wife, Annie Idibia. According to Brymo’s thread on Twitter:

In the very recent past, a man falsely accused me of sleeping with his wife.. and I’ve waited in angst, and the words were never taken back still, efforts were consistently made to prove I did it still.. and my soul has known no lasting peace ever since…

Mr Innocent Idibia had, at an AFRIMA press conference in 2015/16 or thereabout, walked into the room, sat beside me and elbowed me in a supposed greeting, as much as 4-5 times, repeatedly, while looking away, saying ‘BrymO, BrymO…’ and we exchanged no other words that day!

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