Illbliss Nudges “Industry OGs” To Drop New Music In Place Of Unnecessary Rants

Nigerian rapper Tobechukwu Ejiofor, better known by his stage name Illbliss, has caused a stir in the music industry by asking older musicians to put out new songs in spite of their assertions that they helped to “pave the way” for the next generation of Nigerian musicians.

In a conversation broadcast on Channels TV on Wednesday, February 28, 2024, Illbliss was asked to comment on the current disputes over the claims made by older artists about their contributions to the music business. Illbliss stressed that artists have the right to hold their own thoughts while acknowledging the variety of viewpoints.

While others may believe that their path was not paved, he pointed out that in the end, it comes down to individual opinions. Illbliss demonstrated how younger musicians are inspired and influenced by their predecessors, even in the absence of record deals from more established bands.

He did, however, issue a daring challenge to the industry’s pioneers, calling on them to put out fresh songs and bemoaning the widespread prevalence of ageism in Nigeria. Illbliss urged for a more encouraging atmosphere in the business and highlighted the hard work of younger musicians while expressing his displeasure with the dominant vibe from the original generation.

Nigerian musician, Ric Hassani, also concurred with Illbliss’s statement by expressing his appreciation and admiration for the rapper and complimenting him on his knowledge and perceptive analysis of the situation.

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