Instagram Has Barred “Fake Drake”

Instagram appears to have banned the Drake impostor known as “Fake Drake.” The impersonator gained notoriety recently for participating in a variety of publicity stunts meant to make the public mistake him for the multi-platinum-selling Canadian musician, including nightclub performances where it was rumored he was making more than £4000 each show.

Izzy Drake, as he is commonly known online, was reportedly banned from Instagram over the weekend for “impersonating Drake,” according to a post from Akademiks.

In his final post before being banned, the impersonator once more issued a boxing match challenge to Drake. In a guest appearance on the We In Miami podcast last month, “Fake Drake” declared: “I’m challenging Drake to a boxing match. I just signed with Celebrity Boxing.” If he lost, he pledged to drop the “Drake” from his name and go by “Izzy,” but if ‘Fake Drake’ won, he demanded over £800,000 ($1 million) and a recording contract from Drake.

After Tory Lanez saw the ‘Certified Lover Boy’ impersonator at several Miami nightclubs last year, footage of him started to spread on social media. Later, he was spotted in LA clubs where he appeared to rap along to Drake songs live. Later, it was said by “Fake Drake” that the real Drake is okay with the impersonation.

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