Jada Subliminally Blasts Wizkid Once More For Serving Her “Breakfast”

After the Grammy Award winner, Wizkid, allegedly dished “breakfast” to Jada Pollock, his manager and baby mama, the mother of two has been sending cryptic messages in an effort to throw shade at him. It will be noted that Wizkid startled the world when he admitted that he “has been single for too long,” automatically drawing public attention into his personal affairs.

In response to his snap, Jada tweeted that it is never a good idea to discuss family matters publicly. Undoubtedly, Wiz was supposed to catch this sub, if he at all did see it. Days have gone by without any communication, but Jada decides to end it. From her Twitter page, she wrote, “Ain’t forcing nothing but a rubber band around some money.”

Jada Subliminally Blasts Wizkid Once More For Serving Her &Quot;Breakfast&Quot;, Yours Truly, News, June 12, 2024

That only goes to show that there certainly is trouble in paradise which both of them or one party is not willing to talk about. There are only speculations as what is really going on between Wiz and Jada seeing as no one and rep from both sides have come forward to clear things up or at least issue a statement to either nullify or authenticate the rumours.

In the meantime, Wiz continues to warm up for his North American More Love, Less Ego tour setting out next year.

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