Jay-Z Vibes Lojay and Sarz’s ‘Monalisa’

The Global Influence of Afrobeat: From Nigeria to the Hamptons

The world of music is a global village, and the Afrobeat genre, originating from Nigeria, is making waves across continents. The latest testament to this global influence is the reaction of American music mogul and rapper, Jay-Z, to the hit song ‘Monalisa’ by Nigerian artist Lojay and music producer Sarz.

Jay-Z, the Roc Nation CEO, was recently captured enjoying ‘Monalisa’ at full blast while on his way to an event with his family in the U.S. This incident has sparked reactions across the Nigerian internet, with many celebrating the global recognition of Afrobeat.

‘Monalisa’ was released in 2021 and has since held the music industry captive both locally and globally. The song’s catchy beat and mesmerizing lyrics have captivated audiences worldwide, leading to its massive success. A remix featuring pop star Chris Brown was released in 2022, further propelling the song’s popularity.

The video of Jay-Z jamming to ‘Monalisa’ was captured by Afrobeats podcaster Adesope on July 4th, during the music tycoon’s drive to Michael Rubin’s all-white party at the Hamptons. The video has since gone viral, with Nigerians online quick to celebrate the global reach of Afrobeat. Comments on social media reflect the pride of Nigerians in their music, with one user stating, “Afrobeats has already taken over.”

This incident is not just a win for Lojay and Sarz but also a significant milestone for the Afrobeat genre. It demonstrates the global influence of Afrobeat and its potential to bridge cultural gaps through music. As the world continues to enjoy the rhythmic and captivating sounds of Afrobeat, we can only expect more global recognition and appreciation for this vibrant genre.

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