Jill Scott Buries Sex Tape Rumors

The athletes of innuendos may have to calm down and relax, as Jill Scott is having none of their sex tape rubbish. Twitter had a meltdown recently when word surged through twitter that a sex tape involving the singer was just out there.

The songstress would not be ruffled by the now-viral claim, though. Instead, she appeared to mock those spreading rumours about her sex tape. In a tweet, she had shared a picture of herself taking a bow before an adoring audience.

In the caption, she’d lapped up the attention from the audience while expressing her expectations of similar support when her movies, albums and TV shows drop. You can check out her tweet below.

By the way, soon after rumours broke on Twitter about a Jill Scott sex tape, it emerged that there was actually nothing of such. There were no videos shared about the alleged sexual encounter. The reality provoked some peeps, and they debated reporting the account that had claimed Jill Scott had a sex tape out there.

Will, as Jill Scott said over the New Year, she’s manifesting her dreams, “joyfully abundant and remarkably healthy.” Not even rumours of a sex tape can take away that energy

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