Kendrick Lamar Ghostwriter Accusations Over An Alleged “N95” Demo Debunked

The rapper and supposed ghostwriter at the center of a fresh controversy has refuted claims that Kendrick Lamar covertly hired someone to help him create “N95.”

An internet user on X claimed to have found a supposed demo of CJ Francis’s performance of the Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers song, suggesting it was a reference for Kendrick and that Francis was not given credit for his contribution to the song.

Francis appeared in a short video clip that accompanied the post, rapping over the “N95” track with lines and a cadence that resembled Kendrick’s rendition. Francis, however, dismissed any involvement he may have had with the song, stating on his Instagram Stories that he was not involved in the music’s creation or its internet release.

Kendrick Lamar Ghostwriter Accusations Over An Alleged &Quot;N95&Quot; Demo Debunked, Yours Truly, News, May 23, 2024

A community note about Francis’s reputation for rapping over instrumental remakes from YouTube and claiming to have produced demos for popular songs was also included on the original social media post. The accusations were refuted by a Reddit thread, which noted that “N95” was originally conceived in 2019 as a Kendrick Lamar and Baby Keem collaboration that was eventually shelved.

Before deciding on the song’s final version in 2022, Kendrick allegedly combined two separate tunes to create the framework for “N95.” The claimed demo’s beat is likewise expertly executed, sounding just like the finished track that was released by Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers.

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