Korede Bello Reveals He Has Never Experienced Depression

According to Nigerian singer-songwriter Korede Bello, he can not comprehend what it means to be depressed. The ex-Mavin performer claimed in an interview with The Cable that he has never suffered from depression. The singer said he supports mental health issues but finds it challenging to describe what depression is. Explaining what he meant, Bello said he, of course, knew the word’s literal dictionary definition, only he was yet to experience it on a personal level.

The singer admitted he experiences “waves of emotion” like anyone else but has a tight grip on his mental health, and according to him, he is “proactive” regarding his psyche. One of the reasons he gave for constantly checking in with himself and protecting his “internal environment” was to keep things in check lest he spirals out of control, which won’t be a good look on his career and personal well-being.

Keeping things under control has helped the musician even with the pressure he faces in the industry. The musician spoke candidly in November 2022 about how he copes with fan pressure. Bello claimed to comprehend the strain that results from releasing fresh music. Inasmuch as he would love to please the fans with new material, he stated that his mental health would remain a priority.

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