LA Indie-pop Quartet, Atta Boy, Share New Single + Video, “Spring Seventeen”

Today, LA indie-pop quartet AttaBoy share nostalgia-tinged single “Spring Seventeen,” out everywhere now, alongside a dreamy music video. Another peek into what’s to come from the band, the gentle track feels like getting lost in a daydream as memories begin to fade into the wind of a new day.

La Indie-Pop Quartet, Atta Boy, Share New Single + Video, &Quot;Spring Seventeen&Quot;, Yours Truly, News, June 14, 2024

“Spring Seventeen” is a smooth, slow tune that captures the parts of nostalgia that are undesired as certain memories begin to fade and change with time. Lead vocalist EdenBrolin softly sings, “Caught in a brief memory / Like a song you get used to / Loosen the grip of reverie / From distractions I’ve been to / I don’t know you like I used to / Already forgetting you”  The track explores the idea that memories begin to take on new shapes and spaces in one’s mind when time creates distance from them.La Indie-Pop Quartet, Atta Boy, Share New Single + Video, &Quot;Spring Seventeen&Quot;, Yours Truly, News, June 14, 2024

The idea for “Spring Seventeen” began musically a few years ago by guitarist FreddyReish and after taking a quick liking to it, Brolin added lyrics during a visit to the laundromat. “There’s a really specific memory from high school that just worms its way into my head every once in a while, and I guess started to think about how those images and understanding of events start to shift,” says Brolin. “It doesn’t feel so long ago but the substance of the memory has been sifted like 800 times, so it inevitably feels like a game of telephone that just keeps coming back around to you.”

The accompanying video directed by the band’s own Brolin plays like a memory displayed on a daydream-induced highlight reel. It opens with Brolin in an outdoor bathtub, keeping her head above water and often looking into the camera below a blue sky and lush green trees flowing in the wind. Brolin dunks her head underwater throughout as if to wash away unwanted memories. A figure donning white, flowing clothing appears in view under a spotlight throughout and moves the way memories show up in thoughts, and change overtime.

Brolin was encouraged by the band to bring her idea for the visual to life with the help of her cousin Madeline and together, created a fitting, serene video to accompany the layered lyrics. “My cousin Madeline was in town doing a summer ballet intensive and wanted to utilize her skills to put movement to the way memories show up and change and ultimately the way we involve ourselves in those reminders—often voluntarily, sometimes not.”

Listen here:

Today’s release follows “Boys,” a track that laid the foundation for the writing process to come and embodies the group’s deep-rooted, longtime friendship. It serves as a reminder that amidst chaos and uncertainty, they have each other. Its accompanying lyric video, made by the band’s own LewisPullman (drums), features handwritten lyrics dotted with doodles surrounding the lettering that matches the track’s beat. Watch the official “Boys” lyric video here:

Listeners and tastemakers alike have praised the band’s comeback track and are eagerly awaiting what’s in store. GrimyGoods wrote “Boys” is “Armed with jaunty guitars and an infectiously passionate melancholy” and included on their 5 Songs to Listen to if You’re in an LA Mood list, The Honey POP described it as “…the closing sequence of your favorite indie teen movie about navigating friendship and growing up when things have come to a happy conclusion.”

Atta Boy began as a high school band, and after their first year in college, the group made a whimsical project in the summer of 2012 that became their debut albumOut of Sorts. Eden Brolin (vocals) Dashel Thompson (piano) Freddy Reish (guitar) and Lewis Pullman (drums) didn’t expect anyone outside of their friends and family to hear it, but to their surprise, it captured listeners in over 70 countries. Eight years later, after pursuing individual endeavors, the band reunited to release their follow-up LP, Big Heart Mannerswhich caught the attention of several leading tastemakers like American SongwriterAtwood Magazine and The FADER. Now, in 2022, with millions of streams on Spotify and a captivated audience of over 240,790 monthly listeners, Atta Boy are back to capture the intricacies of not only life’s highs and lows, but the smaller, in between, seemingly trivial moments that make one feel most alive.

“Spring Seventeen,” is out everywhere now, along with its tranquil visual, and makes peace with memories molding into new shapes and taking on new meaning over time. Find Atta Boy on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter and stay tuned for much more from the rising four-piece.

Listen: “Boys”:

Watch: “Boys” (Lyric Video):

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