Mommyheads Announce New Cerebral Pop-prog Record; Share First Song/video

After exploring dystopian territory on the synth-driven Age of Isolation, the Mommyheads have returned to rockier ground but with their cerebral prog in full bore on Genius Killer. A September 20, the album sees the band continuing to explore progressive pop waters but the results here are darker and more refined. The progressive theatrics are more extreme and yet the songs themselves are tighter and downright pop through and through. A video for the first song from the album, “Idealist,” was directed by Patrik Karlson and is available now via the band’s YouTube channel. Rock & Roll Globe premiered the song and video earlier today.


“The original intent for this song was an acknowledgment of how following your muse can sometimes be heartbreaking both emotionally and spiritually,” says guitarist/singer Adam Elk. “The filmmaker, Patrik Karlson, has such maturity and humanness in his work. In this instance, he gracefully illustrates the duality of being held captive by your own desire for success and accolades with a stunningly beautiful approach. This video is a visual dream-poem that expresses and expands the meaning of the song while leaving much open for interpretation of the viewer—we feel he brings out those same qualities of gravity and maturity in our music.”

When “Impulse Item” opens with immaculate strings and glistening slide guitar strewn throughout the stereo spread, it becomes clear that this album is going to be a dense but beautiful ride. The chorus rings: “step out of the dream into the real you” / “give in to your impulse item” with richly layered backing vocals reminiscent of Jeff Lynne’s 80s productions. While still packed with color and complexity, the song rolls along with anthemic, acoustic glee; progressive music has never felt so unifying (and downright catchy).

The album also sees the Mommyheads covering pop terrain previously uncharted by the band on previous releases. “She’s a Fighter” breezes along like a prog-pop bossa nova, complete with hushed vocals and pensive keys. “Distill Your Love Into That Dying Light” shines with a chorus that calls to mind an art-damaged Abba (all the more appropriate given the band’s Swedish following). The record yields healthy doses of infectious pop melody and experimental prog composition in equal measure but when the band decides to explore the latter, it’s decidedly heavy like never before.

The final cut “First Five Seconds” is arguably the most progressive work the Mommyheads have ever produced. This is the most uncompromising the band has sounded in years and yet the results are immediate and joyous. The chorus unfolds with epic majesty: “After all this time, were all our efforts in vain” / “when the first five seconds and the last feel exactly the same”. The song is then suddenly hijacked by blaring synths, at once akin to a frenzied arcade game and a more unhinged Genesis. Staying true to their eccentric roots, the band makes no concessions in the sounds and melodies they effortlessly combine. Art pop aesthetics and pure pop melodicism collide in perfect balance all throughout Genius Killer’s runtime; it’s quite possibly the closest the group has come to perfecting this combination and the results are truly inspired.

  • Release Date: September 20, 2022


  1. Impulse Item
  2. Genius KIller
  3. She’s A Fighter
  4. We Almost Lost It All
  5. Distill Your Love Into That Dying Night
  6. Idealist
  7. Privilege
  8. Bittersweet
  9. One and the Same
  10. First Five SecondsMommyheads Announce New Cerebral Pop-Prog Record; Share First Song/Video, Yours Truly, News, June 14, 2024



  • 29 – New York – DROM
  • 30 – Beacon, NY – Dogwood


  • 1 – Sommerville, MA  – The BURREN
  • 2 – New Haven, CT – Cafe 9
  • 19 – Seattle WA – JewelBox Theater
  • 20 – Bellingham, WA – TBA
  • 21 – Eugene, OR – Sam Bond’s
  • 22 – Portland, OR – BUNK
  • 26 – Santa Cruz, CA – TBA
  • 27 – San Francisco, CA – The Chapel
  • 28 – Camino, CA – Jack Russell Brewery
  • 29 – Los Angeles, CA – Goldfish Club

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