Lil Wayne Revisits Old Times, And Gushes About Drake’s Impressive Musical Skill Set

Being chiefly influential to Nicki Minaj and Drake’s rise into superstardom, Lil Wayne shared his blueprint on breaking forth rising stars.

Weezy recently got some sit-down time with the “I Am Athlete” podcast and elaborated on his love for music and why it’s also very crucial for Rap veterans to be open to welcoming new talent with all warmth and generosity.

“You can’t be the person that’s saying, I don’t like the new music. You gotta love it,” he said. “Learn it, like it, and love it, because you better understand, that’s music. That’s not a certain type of music, that’s music. You got to Apple Music and Top 100s and [it’s] them folks right there.”

Weezy also admitted telling Drizzy that he was capable of making literally anything sound “dope,” but it was such a pleasant surprise for Wayne when he heard Drake’s singing voice on a hook. “One day, I heard, ‘[him singing] .’ Like, ‘What the f*ck was that?’” he added. “You gotta be the ultimate artist. My homie could do two nights when he hits your city.”

“It was just about…I seen potential. That’s when I saw way more than just potential. When Drake’s music was brought to me from the homie [Jas Prince] , it was about Rap,” he said.

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