50 Cent Shares Teaser Trailer For “Skill House” – Watch

A group of influencers wake up in a gorgeous mansion, only to discover they’re actually trapped in a deranged popularity contest. That’s the producers of the flick Skill House trying to describe the movie they have just made.

Part produced by 5o Cent and Proxima Media with Josh Stolberg acting as director, Skill House is a horror flick that explores the modern world of influencing as we know it.

For those deeply interested in the flick and keen to get a clue or two about it, 50 Cent is out there for the rescue. The songster has released a teaser on his Instagram page. In the caption to his Instagram post, the celebrated rapper described the shit.

The teaser opened with several body bags that appeared to contain dead bodies. Then out of the blue, the bodies started wriggling out of the bags until everyone was out. The drama continued as the camera rolled on.

The reactions to the teaser were primarily positive, with many users noting they were either shocked or horrified by what transpired in the teaser. Whatever the case, it is clear that the film, on eventual release, would have a ready audience. You can check out the clip below.

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