Spyro Reacts To Carol Performance Criticism On Social Media

Popular Afropop artist Spyro expresses his strong Christian beliefs in response to Nigerians criticizing him for his performance at a church Christmas carol. Bolaji Idowu, a well-known musician and the head pastor of Harvesters International Christian Center, was earlier hauled by Nigerians. It seems that many people weren’t too thrilled with a non-religious musician playing in a church. Declaring his position clearly, he said that as he is a human being just like everyone else, he ought to be permitted to take part in church activities.

He claims to have worked in two departments and attended Harvesters Church for well over seven years. In addition, he stated that despite his reputation as a Nigerian Afropop musician, he is a devout Christian who works in a legitimate church.

Spyro’s response said,

“Just saw myself and pastor B has been getting dragged because I did a drama ministration I’m church ???????????

Let me make something’s very clear!!

1. I’ve been a member of Harvesters for well over 7 years, and I serve in two departments

2. The clip making rounds on social media is off a drama I took part of at our annual carol service called Fantasia

3. The Carol was completely FREE for all. The tickets were free!


4. Because I am a celebrity doesn’t make me human?? I can serve God like the rest of you naw

So pls understand that I am Human, a Christian and I serve in a real church!!!”

Spyro Reacts To Carol Performance Criticism On Social Media, Yours Truly, News, April 24, 2024

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