Magnito And Goya Menor Partner Up On The New Song, “I Do”

Goya Menor, who gained enormous popularity with the catchy Ameno (Amapiano Remix), is back with a brand-new song called “I Do.” He is not going it alone this time. Together with the incredibly gifted rapper Magnito, they’ve created a song that’s a beautiful fusion of romance, wit, melody, and rhythm.

“I Do” establishes the tone for a lighthearted but sincere confession right in the headline. The base is the catchy beat, which Goya Menor uses to bounce over in his signature flair. His voice blends in with the beat with such ease that it’s hard to ignore. Magnito, on the other hand, enters the mix and uses his clever wordplay and rhymes to elevate the song.

The wooing is made more enjoyable by the ingenious layer of intrigue he adds to the love story. On this track, Magnito and Goya Menor make an outstanding duet. Their disparate genres remarkably accentuate one another, creating a fun and captivating song. For Goya Menor, this new song feels like a step forward.

I Do demonstrates his creative adaptability while keeping the same enthusiasm that made him a household name. It opens up interesting new avenues for him to explore and develop his more lyrical side. I Do, for those who enjoy Magnito, is just another example of his superb wordplay and enthralling flow.

Listen to the new collaboration below:

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