MGMT Unveils ‘Loss of Life’: A New Musical Direction

The Band's Latest Album Blends Psychedelic Pop with Hope and Nostalgia

Today marks the release of MGMT’s eagerly anticipated album, “Loss of Life,” under the Mom+Pop label. This latest work from the band has garnered attention for its eclectic mix of sounds and themes, with The Guardian praising it as an “impressively melodic psychedelic pop” journey and awarding it four stars. Over 45 minutes, the album traverses diverse musical landscapes, from Ziggy-era Bowie influences to Simon and Garfunkel-esque folk vibes, making it a rich auditory experience for listeners.Mgmt Unveils 'Loss Of Life': A New Musical Direction, Yours Truly, News, April 12, 2024

The Wall Street Journal notes MGMT’s continued trend of defying expectations by embracing simplicity and accessibility in this latest project. Associated Press highlights the album’s nostalgic yet fresh feel, pointing out its underlying tenderness and hopefulness that contradicts its seemingly somber title.

Critics from various outlets, including Vulture and The Ringer, laud “Loss of Life” for its fresh direction and ability to surprise, with Exclaim and Under The Radar calling it beautifully bizarre and MGMT’s most cinematic record, respectively. Brooklyn Vegan describes the duo’s journey as both unlikely and triumphant, while Paste commends the album’s kaleidoscopic nature.

Billboard reflects on the band’s journey since their formation at Wesleyan University, emphasizing that “Loss of Life” contains some of their most sincere and hopeful music to date. UPROXX celebrates the album as a refinement of the psych-pop explored in previous works.

“Loss of Life” is a collaborative effort, produced by MGMT and Patrick Wimberly, with mixing by longtime collaborator Dave Fridmann. The album features additional production from Daniel Lopatin and James Richardson, with Brian Burton (Danger Mouse) contributing to “Mother Nature” and Miles A. Robinson serving as associate producer and engineer.

The release was preceded by the music video for “Dancing in Babylon,” a duet featuring Christine and the Queens, alongside other videos showcasing the talents of notable figures like John Cameron Mitchell and Julian Morris. MGMT expresses pride in the album, highlighting its creation as a “relatively painless birth after a lengthy gestation period.”

With “Loss of Life,” MGMT continues to enchant and surprise, solidifying their place in the music world with their unique blend of psychedelic pop and introspective lyrics.

Loss Of Life tracklisting:

  1. Loss Of Life (part 2)
  2. Mother Nature
  3. Dancing In Babylon (featuring Christine and the Queens)
  4. People In The Streets
  5. Bubblegum Dog
  6. Nothing To Declare
  7. Nothing Changes
  8. Phradie’s Song
  9. I Wish I Was Joking
  10. Loss Of Life


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