Rihanna Secures A Role In The Forthcoming “The Smurfs Movie”

Pop icon Rihanna hasn’t put out a record since Anti in 2016 and hasn’t acted in a movie since Guava Island in 2019. There has been a shift, according to recent sources, with Rihanna confirmed to play the lead in the upcoming Paramount picture The Smurfs Movie.

Executives from Paramount disclosed the other cast members of Rihanna’s upcoming 2025 film during a recent display at CinemaCon in Las Vegas, Nevada. In 2023, Rihanna made an appearance on stage at the Smurfs Movie showcase to announce that she would be producing the film and providing songs for the soundtrack.

Rihanna revealed that she would be playing the renowned character Smurfette at the event for The Smurfs Movie. Smurfette was drawn in 1958 by Belgian cartoonist Pierre Culliford, best known by his pen name “Peyo,” just like the other little blue mushroom-dwellers. Her portrayal in The Smurfs Movie will undoubtedly be well received by viewers. According to Brian Robbins, the head of Paramount, Rihanna is “the most legendary Smurfette ever.”

Nick Offerman, John Goodman, Kurt Russell, Nick Kroll, Sandra Oh, Amy Sedaris, Dan Levy, Natasha Lyonne, and many more actors complete the cast of The Smurfs Movie with Rihanna. Although there are still little specifics available regarding the roles of the previously stated characters, the studio has made significant investments in voice talent for the animation project.

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