NBA YoungBoy Seemingly Shows Solidarity For Yaya Mayweather On His IG After Bodycam Footage Resurfaces

On Tuesday, NBA YoungBoy posted a photo of his former partner, Yaya Mayweather, to his Instagram Story. The post’s motivation is unknown; however, a previously unreleased bodycam video of her 2020 arrest went online earlier this week. She was charged with stabbing Lapattra Jacobs, who is also the rapper’s child’s mother. After seeing the Instagram image, fans began speculating on the present state of NBA Young Boy and Yaya Mayweather’s relationship. Fans remember that the couple has a turbulent background and that there are a lot of issues surrounding their past in addition to this particular incident. YoungBoy had dissed Mayweather in a January song that was leaked but seemed to be coming to her rescue this time.

The moment when Mayweather is handcuffed and removed by the police is captured on camera by the bodycam footage referenced in the resurgent post on social media. It also records the scene where Young Boy is informed of his Miranda rights. Mayweather is shown in the video sobbing and having a hard time accepting how serious Jacob’s injuries were. She was eventually given a six-year probationary term after entering a guilty plea to aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

The Shade Room’s Instagram post stirred up a lot of reactions from fans. One fan admired Mayweather, calling her “God’s strongest soldier.” Another fan defended her relationship with YoungBoy, saying that outsiders don’t know the nature of their connection and should stop calling her delusional. Meanwhile, a third user humorously noted that they’ve been enjoying a break from hearing about Chrisean Rock and Blueface and urged others not to start drama.

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