NBA YoungBoy’s House Arrest Takes New Twist As Star Is Accused Of Using Drugs

While he waits for his trial on gun charges, NBA YoungBoy is still under house arrest, but the feds say things aren’t going as planned. The artist, who was born in Louisiana, is currently facing charges of drug use in violation of the conditions of his house arrest. The prosecution requested a hearing earlier this week to address his “non-compliant behaviour.”

He was accused of breaking a regulation that prohibited him from “using or unlawfully possessing a narcotic drug or other controlled substance.” NBA Young Boy’s defense team has not yet addressed the accusations, but this most recent event might affect his subsequent trial. On top of his present legal issues, he may incur further penalties if he is found guilty of breaking the terms of his house detention. His bond is being revoked by the prosecution, which wants to keep him in custody until his trial. The legal team for YoungBoy has not yet addressed the accusations.

Attorney Ronald C. Gathe, Jr. wrote,

“The undersigned has learned that the defendant has violated [this rule] and has informed his supervising officer that he has no intentions to discontinue using the substance that resulted in the violation.”

What drugs NBA YoungBoy is allegedly consuming is unknown. However, he reportedly informed supervisory officers that he had “no intentions” of giving up. Fans have been aware of NBA Young Boy’s suspected drug use for a long time. For instance, the rapper’s posting of an odd photo of himself on Instagram earlier this month alarmed fans. Young Boy looks drunk in the picture as he lies on the ground. A double cup of ice and a spilled pill bottle surrounded him. Late last year, NBA YoungBoy also talked about his drug use on Million Dollaz Worth of Game, saying he had recently returned from a brief stay in rehab.

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