Nigerians Take Offence At Jay Boogie For Showing Off His New Body

Popular transgender Nigerian Daniel Anthony Nsikan, popular as Jay Boogie, recently used social media to show off his freshly acquired body, leaving social media users shocked and divided. A few months before, Jay Boogie had vented his frustrations online after an unsuccessful, poorly executed operation.

When healthcare costs spiraled out of control, he had made an appeal to Nigerians for support. A few weeks after his recuperation, Jay Boogie made a comeback on the internet to flaunt his improved physique and advancements. He uploaded a video to social media showcasing his toned physique.

A few months back, Jay Boogie’s images verifying his gender flip stunned internet users, as he had flaunted his cameltoe. The social media star, whose transitions frequently left social media users in disbelief, shared the wild photos on his Instagram.

Boogie also recently responded to allegations that he had misled and scammed Nigerians about a non-existent medical ailment in order to get money. He claimed he had never disclosed to Nigerians that he needed a kidney transplant, but instead that he was in need of money for treatment due to other health problems.

He continued by saying that he is presently recovering after being discharged from the hospital on November 28. He added that he no longer requires dialysis and that he feels better.

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