NLE Choppa Claims His Ex Is Hindering Him From Seeing Their Daughter

Rapper NLE Choppa has come out with claims stating that his ex and babymama just wouldn’t let him see their daughter.

The rapper and his baby mama, Mariah, have been going at each other’s neck for some time now. Things got heated and was taken to the next level when the next round of their social media feud kicked off on this week.

Last Wednesday, 2nd February, the “Walk Em Down” rapper threw open the flood gates when he hopped on Twitter with a series of tweets that have since been deleted, shedding light on his complicated situation with Mariah.

According to Choppa, he’s not in support of those women that wouldn’t let men that want to be present see their kids.

“Im miserable but having my baby kept away was pre meditated also them false charges that I beat. But I’m the bad guy,” he tweeted. “Seen my daughter 3 times since she was born she going on 2 only time I’ve seen her is if it was COURT ORDERED but I’m the bad guy,” disclosed the rapper in a tweet.

Mariah posted in on her Instagram Story to explain that a judge ordered a no-contact rule between the former couple and revealed Choppa did not show up to their last court hearing.

In addition to that, the rapper has previously admitted to domestic violence. Maybe she has good reasons for her actions.

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