OAP Dotun Speaks On D’banj’s Involvement In His Divorce & Child Custody Battle

Popular Nigerian On-Air-Personality, Dotun, is currently caught up in a complex legal battle with his ex-wife, Omotayo, over divorce and child custody issues. In a recent interview, Dotun disclosed that Nigerian music superstar D’banj may be key in resolving the dispute because “D’banj is erratic and using this legal battle to punish him.” Dotun’s decision to involve D’banj in the matter has generated much interest and sparked a conversation about the importance of peaceful conflict resolution in society. Many people are curious to see how D’banj’s involvement will unfold, as his reputation adds an intriguing element to the situation. This case also highlights the need for effective communication and mediation techniques to prevent conflicts from escalating further.

Dotun shared that D’banj called a family meeting to discuss his interview with Don Jazzy. During the meeting, it was mentioned that D’banj was uncomfortable with Dotun’s friendship with Don Jazzy, which seemed to have affected the ongoing divorce and child custody battle. Dotun is fighting for joint custody, while D’banj is trying to gain full custody of their children for his sister. Despite this, Dotun remains optimistic and focused on prioritising their children’s well-being. He believes they can create an amicable agreement that works for everyone involved.

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