Odumodublvck Recounts The Story Of His Father’s Sudden Death

Nigerian rapper, Odumodublvck, who is quickly rising to fame, has spoken out about the heartbreaking death of his father, who passed away too soon because his family was unable to pay N70,000 for a hospital bed. Today, Wednesday, February 21, 2024, Odumodublvck discussed his early troubles as an artist in a post on his social media (X) page.

He shared the terrifying experience of bringing his father home to die because of his limited financial means. The “Declan Rice” hit-maker cited his challenging background and the tragic death of his father as pivotal events in his path, expressing his deep belief that no musician had prepared the way for his musical achievement.

Odumodublvck emphasized the stark reality of his family’s incapacity to pay hospital bills at the time of his father’s death, emphasizing the severity of their poverty. He said that it was ultimately the creation of a greater power rather than any one artist, addressing those who claimed to have cleared the path for him.

In his moving speech, Odumodublvck criticized the idea that artists should act as gods, dictating other people’s routes to success and stressed the value of humility. Odumodublvck flatly denied that any musician paved the way for him, even though he acknowledged the inspiration he took from other rappers.

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