Jaden Smith Calmly Debunks Wild Rumours Of His Sudden Demise

Jaden Smith has come out to shut down bizarre rumours that he lost his life in a ghastly car crash.

The Karate Kid actor was befallen by a cruelly fabricated story on social media when a TikToker carried it that he had died in a motor accident. And that was it. All that was needed to fire off the rumour that immediately began spreading online on Wednesday night, February 24th, that Will Smith’s youngest son had tragically kicked the bucket.

Fans swarmed to Twitter, Instagram and TikTok with their various concerns, with some trying to pick apart facts from fiction, while some others had already run off with rumour baton, taking it as a fact without the least verification. “RIP Jaden!” one fan tweeted. Another asked, “Why am I hearing everywhere that Jaden Smith has died? What is going on?”

The Life In A Year actor speedily came to save the day, as he was quick to debunk the crazy theories, further proving he was and is very much with the living by simply tweeting: “Invisible.” You have to love the boy. He did not even sweat it. It’s funny yet weird how people can wake up one morning and choose false story fabrication.

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