Brymo Explains His Side Of The Story And Apologizes For His Anti-Igbo Remark

Olawale Ashimi, better known by his stage name Brymo, is a Nigerian alternative musician who has spoken out against his widely shared “anti-Igbo” sentiments online. Brymo’s remarks first drew condemnation from other celebrities and fans, but he stood by his convictions and demonstrated his unrepentant attitude by retweeting the same tweets. On Friday, Brymo explained his side of the story and the reasoning behind his statements during an Instagram live session.

The whole controversy, according to him, began when he voiced his opinion about the news that Chimamanda Adichie had accepted an Igbo chieftaincy title but turned down a national honor, arguing that this shouldn’t have happened because the region should have been vying for the presidency. Contrary to popular belief, Brymo stated that he has always supported an Igbo president. Brymo claimed that when his comment was misconstrued, he received abuse and death threats, and a petition was started against him.

In response to someone asking him to apologize to the Igbos after the petition, Brymo stated, “F*ck the Ndi Igbo! H*ll with it!” He said that the movement, not the tribe itself, was intended by the term “it.” He claimed that because doing so would be grammatically incorrect, he would never refer to a group of individuals as “it.” Brymo promised never to belittle the tribe and expressed regret to anyone he may have upset during this time.

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