Carter Efe Halts The Release Of “Babypiano” After Loads Of Fan Critiscm

Popular entertainer and skit creator Carter Efe, has chosen not to release his eagerly awaited new song, “Babypiano,” in response to a flurry of unfavorable comments from online users. Carter started the controversy by posting a clip of himself reciting the Nigerian National Anthem and a children’s rhyme on Instagram, hinting at his future song.

Both fans and critics were split on the unusual teaser, with many voicing their disgust. The criticism grew stronger when some social media users expressed worries that Carter Efe would undermine the legacy of Afrobeat, which was pioneered by Fela Kuti. Social media users reacted strongly to accusations that the content creator had tarnished the genre for everyone.

Carter Efe has announced his intention to not release “Babypiano” on social media in reaction to the overwhelming harsh comments. The artist acknowledged the enthusiasm and involvement of his fans, but the main reason for project abandonment was the negative response.

Carter Efe’s admirers and supporters are taken aback and dismayed by this decision, as they had been looking forward to “Babypiano”‘s release. Before now, the content creator had shown great optimism for the release of now-cancelled single, saying it would even reach the top spot on the charts. Sadly, his statement didn’t age well.

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