Orezi “Chocolate Daddy” Album Review

Chocolate Daddy


  • Genre: Alternative
  • Date: 18 Oct, 2023
  • Content: Not-explicit
  • Region: NGA
  • Track(s): 9
  • ℗ 2023 GehnGehn Music Empire, with exclusive license to ONErpm

After his fans wouldn’t quit asking questions regarding his whereabouts, Afropop artist Esegine Allen, better known by his stage name Orezi, has bounced back with a nine-track album, “Chocolate Daddy.” The new project also comes with some noteworthy collaborations with Tekno, Sheebah, and Daphne.

Album Cover Art

Orezi &Quot;Chocolate Daddy&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, May 27, 2024

An animated Orezi is the ladies’ man for the new album’s cover art, loaded with what the ladies love: Chocolate.

Tracks and Features

Orezi is introduced with love by his ladies for the opening track, “Intro,” where he is called the same name as the album title. He reciprocates the love before getting the show on in “Freak You.” And as the name suggests, Orezi takes the sensual highway, singing about fun times with his girl and the nasty stuff he can’t wait to do to and with her. The beat, Orezi’s flow and melody are not bad, but auto-tune crutch to his voice and the uninteresting lyrics become the song’s nemesis.

Orezi taps Daphne for the remix of “My Queen.” As you would expect, the song is about romance and feelings. The singer does his best to woo a girl he’s had his eyes on for a minute, inviting her into his life to be his queen. But you have to give it up for Daphne who plays an important role in elevating the song’s energy while flexing an impeccable vocal range. Her verse almost made Orezi look like the featured guest.

The hoe in Orezi comes alive again in “Colombiana.” He also presents himself as a gentleman because he affectionately woos her nicely inasmuch as he also lays it on the table about his other desires. However, the lyrics and melody don’t do justice to The beat. It’s either Orezi knows that more could be done and chooses not to invest more, or perhaps he is finally slowly growing mid.

As if he realized his subpar performance, he decides to shake things up in “One Call Away.” He declares his 24/7 availability to his special lady, as he sings about being completely wrapped up in her magic so much that being in her presence feels like taking an antidepressant.

The same energy continues into “I Swear,” in which he vouches his honesty letting his love interest know just how much he wants a thing with her since her love already gets him intoxicated like under the influence of ogogoro. The song’s not that bad, but it could be better.

For the romantic”Kiss Me (Remix)” Orezi calls on Tekno and Sheebah, who give performances that make the host act appear small. That’s what a remix is all about, though. Switching up the vibe by retuning the beat and bringing in other guys to shake things up, which is what played out here. But even at that, the song still struggles to have much replay value.

Channeling his inner Timaya, Orezi takes us to the dancefloor with “Start to Dance.” Over the reggae bounce, he singer goes on and on about a woman, of course, who he wants so badly. He even showed some desperation by showing up at her place uninvited. Closing the album in high gear with “No Advise Me,” Orezi sings about his dedication to booze enjoyment as he cannot allow the stress of life swallow him whole.





1 Intro 0:10
2 Freak You 2:24
3 My Queen (feat. Daphne) 3:01
4 Colombiana 2:39
5 One Call Away 2:20
6 I Swear 3:17
7 Kiss Me (feat. Tekno & Sheebah) 3:33
8 Start to Dance 3:07
9 No Advice Me 2:58

Album Theme

On the new project, Orezi combines elements of lust, love, and pleasure, while hailing his women and celebrating the good life.

Production Credits

The producers involved in the album’s curation have not been made readily available.


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