Papoose Deeply Reflects On Death & The Dead In New Song “Obituary 2021”

“Obituary” is one word many people don’t want to hear, especially if it relates to a loved one. Peeps wanna rock this life forever. Sadly, that’s not possible. Not in this material plane.

The idea of death, disassociation and grief form the theme of Papoose’s song “Obituary.” 2021 disappeared about a week ago, taking with it some notable figures. Papoose is keen those who are fortunate not to have disappeared with 2021 should pause and reflect on the dead.

Here, if you please, is a tale of the dead for the living and the vitality of introspection. Even those who are currently alive will one day vanish. For one who’s been doing obituaries since 2006, Papoose’s latest drop is nothing surprising.

It’s always a sad process for the songster making these obituaries. His latest drop, though, is personally significant because the release of the song also marked the day of his grandmother’s passing. He remembers her as his queen.

It’s hard to listen to this song, a number for all, and not somehow get lost in the gulf of introspection. We rate this song high and encourage y’all to check it out. Hopefully, we wouldn’t have to sing a threnody for a long one this year.

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