Peruzzi And Joeboy Preview Their Upcoming Joint Single

Superstar musicians Joeboy and the multi-talented singer-songwriter Peruzzi have teased an unreleased single. On Sunday, February 12, 2023, Peruzzi posted a clip from a recording session with hitmaker Joeboy on his Instagram. The duo could be seen in the video creating a brand-new song, which Peruzzi has hinted could be released shortly. One of the best Afrobeats songwriters and singers, Peruzzi’s music has found a receptive audience among listeners who appreciate his talent for creating catchy melodies.

Perruzi put out two songs in 2022 called “Hypertension” and “Things I Need,” then in 2023, Lussh asked him to remix his popular song “Hello.” Joeboy had a quiet year in 2023, releasing only “Contour” and “Likkle Riddim,” neither of which lived up to his accomplishments in 2021. However, he has demonstrated a readiness to rule 2023 by releasing the single “Body and Soul” in advance of his sophomore album. On the side, the singer also found true love, according to him. He even said marriage could happen for him this year.

Many listeners eager to hear what they have to offer will be delighted by the duo’s partnership. Although a release date hasn’t been set yet, Peruzzi has hinted that the song may be coming soon. Check out the teaser below.

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