Peruzzi Reveals Davido Has Never Collected “A Dime” For Any Collaborations From Him

Peruzzi, a well-known Nigerian musician, recently opened up about his relationship with Davido, his former record label boss. During an exclusive podcast interview, he spoke about this, revealing that Davido has never charged him for any collaborations, features, or partnerships they have engaged in. This means that Peruzzi has been able to work with Davido without paying any fees or charges for his services. Furthermore, Peruzzi expressed his gratitude towards Davido for his kindness and generosity and emphasized that he receives his royalties for their collaborative projects. This shows that Davido is not only a supportive boss but also respects the rights and creativity of his collaborators.

In addition, Peruzzi made it clear that he was committed to reciprocating Davido’s kindness by remaining fiercely loyal to him. He will continue working with Davido and his record label to create great music and support their shared vision. Overall, Peruzzi’s comments shed light on his positive and supportive relationship with Davido and his record label and highlight the importance of mutual respect and loyalty in the music industry.

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