Peter Obi Takes His Presidential Campaign To Chatham House

Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s (LP) nominee for president, delivered a speech at the Chatham House in London before an audience of more than 60,000. Before the February 25 presidential election, Obi was at the Chatham House to talk about his intentions for Nigeria. In addition to putting Nigeria on the path of swift economic growth and recovery, he promised to battle corruption and insecurity. He also pledged to ensure that any future borrowing would only be done for investment purposes.

To prevent crime and social unrest, the former governor of Anambra State also pledged to see to it that social justice is upheld. He also disclosed his strategy for dealing with the Biafra agitation, particularly that carried out by the banned IPOB.

“I will talk and discuss with all agitators. There is nothing wrong in that; people agitate even in my house, and I have talked with them,” he said in response to a question.

Mr. Obi claims that the agitations result from years of poor leadership, which he promised would be resolved by good governance. Mr. Obi stated that, if elected, his administration’s top priority would be security. He claimed that his government would use a carrot-and-stick approach. They will engage in conversation with those who are open to it and deal with those who are not. He continued by saying that it was time to revive the military’s spirit in Nigeria, which had previously been utilized to secure Africa during peace operations.

Watch his speech in full below.

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