Police Check On Britney Spears’ Safety Following Bizarre Knife Dance

Police reportedly conducted a wellness inspection at Britney Spears’ Thousand Oaks house on September 27, 2023, after getting a call about a “disturbance.” The phone call happened after Spears uploaded a video of herself dancing with knives to social media.

Spears may be seen in the video spinning and twirling two big blades while looking oblivious to the risk she is putting herself in. She even drops one of the knives at one point, but she immediately picks it back up and keeps dancing. Fans and the media were very troubled by the footage.

Given her past troubles, many people are concerned that Spears might be going through another mental health crisis. The officer claims that after consulting with Spears’ lawyer as well, his team decided there was “sufficient” proof that the Grammy winner was safe and “not in any harm.”

.The music icon, 41, was apparently just trying to be “intentionally provocative” by dancing with knives and emulating Shakira’s 2023 VMA performance, according to a source. The insider alleges, “It was based on the Shakira performance,” the same response Spears made after social media users expressed concern over her booty-shaking with a blade.

Police were called to Spears’ house earlier this year after she deleted her Instagram and worried fans called the police.

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