Polo G Detained After Hotel Staff Allegedly Discovers A Gun In His Room

American rapper, Polo G, has had numerous run-ins with the law; regrettably, his most recent one resulted in his imprisonment.

The Chicago MC was staying at the Dominick Hotel in downtown Manhattan earlier this week when staff called officials. It has been stated that after cleaning Polo G’s room, a staff worker discovered a gun. They notified the local authorities as a result of this.

Polo G is currently facing charges of both criminal possession of a weapon and criminal possession of a firearm following the staff member’s purported discovery. The Manhattan Criminal Court is presently awaiting his arraignment. Regretfully, though, Polo G has encountered comparable accusations before.

His residence in Southern California was raided by the LAPD in August of last year in relation to a robbery. The house allegedly had a shotgun, machine guns, handguns, suppressors, two switches, and more. Polo G was arrested at the time for allegedly having illegal possession of the short-barreled gun that he and his partner Trench Baby had used to commit the crime.

He and his sister Taurean were both freed on a $100,000 bond not long after his arrest. Despite having a sizable fan base, he doesn’t seem to care all that much about leading by example. He overdosed on narcotics at a party in 2019 and was critically ill when he arrived at the hospital, but was lucky to survive.

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