Polo G Files Lawsuit Against Booking Agency For Allegedly Advertising “Fictitious” Shows

Popular U.S rapper, Polo G, is suing J. Noah B.V., a European tour agency, alleging that it violated his intellectual property rights. The agency, he claims, “lied to the public” by doing promotions for concerts “they knew would not occur.” In the lawsuit, the rapper’s attorneys refer to the agency’s actions as “a shocking and outrageous fraud.”

On Monday, the complaint was filed in a New York federal court. A relatively routine contract disagreement about an agreement for 10 shows underlies the accusations levelled, which Polo G’s attorneys claim J. Noah has “wrongly” accused the rapper of breaking.

Polo G filed a case claiming that he was under no legal obligation to participate at the gigs due to a valid reason under the contract—that is, he incurred an injury that prevented him from performing. Pto also argues that J. Noah broke the agreement by not paying the entire $495,000 in fees as stipulated in the agreement.

However, the case goes far further than that, as Polo is alleging that J. Noah continued to improperly make use of the Polo G “name, likeness, and trademark” even after their agreement had been canceled, changing a contract disagreement into an intellectual property legal issue.

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