Machine Gun Kelly Changes Name To “mgk” On Spotify Amid Worries About Gun Violence

American Rock star Colson Baker, better known by his stage name Machine Gun Kelly, rebrands to’mgk’ in response to fan concerns about the glorification of gun violence and to start a conversation about artist identity more broadly. The artist has made a big change to his stage name and is now listed as “mgk” on Spotify, stirring up controversy online.

This modification is a reaction to fan concerns and represents a wider conversation about the consequences of media glorifying violence. In response to criticism and feedback from fans, Baker recently changed his brand, which represents a significant turning point in his career and sheds light on the nuanced relationship between an artist’s identity and public perception.

The debate over the name “Machine Gun Kelly” intensified last year after some fans objected to the term “machine gun,” claiming it unintentionally glorified gun violence. The criticism was significant in a time when the US was dealing with rising gun crime rates. In reaction, Baker initially abbreviated his name to “Machine” during a live performance.

This action generated a lot of discussion and conjecture regarding a long-term alteration. This change was only temporary, though, as the musician recently decided to use the handle “mgk” on social media and major streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music.

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