Priscilla: Elvis Presley’s Obsession Reflected By Costume Designer

According to the costume designer for “Priscilla,” the film depicts Elvis Presley’s desire for a “lady in the living room” and a “whore in the bedroom.”In the highly anticipated Sofia Coppola biopic of the singer, Stacey Battat, 47, designed over 100 different ensembles for Cameron Spaeny, 26, who portrays Elvis Presley’s wife, Priscilla Presley. Battat claimed that the clothes represented Elvis’ fixation with shaping Spaeny into his idealized vision of what a wife should look like.

Priscilla: Elvis Presley'S Obsession Reflected By Costume Designer, Yours Truly, News, April 21, 2024

When speaking in The Guardian, she stated,

“Clothes are such an important part of storytelling. Costume design has historically been underappreciated in Hollywood, connected to the fact that it has usually been a woman’s job in a man’s industry. But Sofia values what costumes can bring to character development,” “You know that saying—you want a whore in the bedroom, a lady in the living room? That was Elvis. Priscilla was his ideal woman, and he wanted to keep her pristine. Sexually, he went with different women altogether.”

Stacey added,

“The Priscilla you see on screen is Elvis’s fantasy of her identity. He had a clear image of his ideal woman, and he projected that onto Priscilla. She lives like a queen, but he has all the power.”

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