Rema’s “Calm Down” Gains Over 2 Billion Views On YouTube

Afrobeats artist Rema has achieved yet another professional milestone. With over 2 billion views on his popular song Calm Down on YouTube, he has become the first and only African musician to do so. Rema is not slowing down, even with two billion streams under his belt already.

He still puts out new songs, works with musicians, local and foreign, and keeps developing as a musician. His tracks have been streamed more often after his 2019 debut, which coincided with his rise in popularity. All ages of listeners were moved by hits like Dumebi, Iron Man, and Woman, which went on to become anthems.

With the remix of his hit song “Calm Down,” which features the gifted Selena Gomez, Rema has also become the first African lead artist to reach an astounding 1 billion Spotify plays. This significant achievement, validated by the digital streaming platform itself, not only solidifies Rema’s standing in the music industry but also highlights the power of musical fusion spanning cultural boundaries in our globalized society.

The ground-breaking remix, which teamed American celebrity Selena Gomez with Nigerian musician Rema, quickly captured the attention of listeners all over the world. It combined irresistible Afrobeats rhythms with Afro-fusion melodies, Rema’s soulful vocals, and the surprising inclusion of Selena Gomez in an Afrobeats anthem.

The song’s production skillfully combines modern and traditional components, demonstrating the rise to prominence of African music worldwide.

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