Rick Ross: “I’ve Never Had An Email In My Entire Life”

Rapper and Business mogul Rick Ross confessed that he has never owned an email account. The startling revelation came while the rap legend conversed with HHNH. He made the revelation while responding to a question about the difference between the streaming and CD era.

According to Ross, purchasing an album in a store was far superior to doing so in the present period since the connection between fans and artists was more genuine. Because music is so easily accessible these days, streaming ends any form of contact with fans. The rapper continued, “I’ve only really released one album since the streaming been at its strongest point, so for me, of course, my greatest times were when we were at Best Buy for the signings,” Rozay said during his interview. “That was the best feeling versus streaming. Ain’t no real connection with the fans now, to me.”

Commenting further, the rapper said he cared very little where the money was coming from since he has multiple streams through which he put his music out. He, however, said he was not a big fan of streaming platforms except that he gets his money from the media.

Speaking further, the rap boss explained that he couldn’t care less about streaming because he is generally not a fan of the platforms that have come with the digital age, particularly the email.

Rick Ross’s admission that he’s never owned an email address is surprising, especially considering he’s a musician and businessman with a long list of accomplishments. However, given his success in the music and business industries without owning an electronic mail address, the decision appears to be working well for Rick Ross, especially in an age where email fraud is rampant.

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