Rick Ross Remodeling His Miami Beach Palatial Home

Rick Ross is currently refurbishing work to his home and boasts that his massive Miami Beach property will be worth $50 million after he finishes the renovations.

The rapper captured the extensive building work that his home is currently experiencing in a video that he uploaded to Instagram on Tuesday, January 30. Several diggers were visible at work on the property, which is located near the coast.

Rozay guided his fans through the under construction palace, telling stories as he went. Rick Ross reportedly paid $37 million for the Star Island pad when he merely purchased the property last year.

A games room, a 40-foot pier on the waterfront, an in-ground pool, a pool table, and plaza deck terraces were among the features of the 40,000 square foot property. It seems that Ross has always planned to make improvements to the house.

Diddy, the troubled owner of Bad Boy Records, gave him a housewarming gift after he bought the estate. The media tycoon, who also owns a property in the upscale Star Island area, gave his “Holy Ghost” partner a customized golf cart so he could cruise the artificial island in elegance.

Additionally, Diddy forewarned Rick Ross that throwing wild parties in the upscale neighborhood was not permitted.

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