Rick Ross’ Cristina Mackey Shows Love To His Alleged Love Child With Babymama Cierra Nichole

Rozay continues to assert his “boss” even while maintaining healthy relationships with his loved ones. Recently, Cierra hinted that Rozay may be the father of her newborn daughter, and shortly after, his new girlfriend shared a photo of the baby on her Instagram story, expressing her admiration for the little one. Rumour has it that Rozay and Cierra welcomed a child after she posted a picture and a video of the adorable newborn on Instagram. She disclosed the baby’s name and other pertinent information in the uploaded post on Sunday.

Rick Ross' Cristina Mackey Shows Love To His Alleged Love Child With Babymama Cierra Nichole, Yours Truly, News, April 24, 2024

Cristina Mackey, Rick Ross’s girlfriend, didn’t seem to mind that he might have a child with someone else. She has expressed affection for the rapper’s purported love child with Cierra Nichole following the latter’s social media debut of her infant daughter, who was born over two months ago. On Monday, January 15, Cristina posted a photo of Cierra’s newborn daughter on her Instagram Story. She expressed her admiration for the child by saying, “She’s gorgeous,” over the picture, adding pink hearts and an emoticon of a face, trying not to cry. Cristina’s affection for Sierra Nichole’s baby indicates acceptance and support for Rick Ross’s potential fatherhood. It demonstrates her ability to embrace the situation and maintain a positive attitude towards the child and their relationship. This gesture also suggests that Cristina is willing to foster a harmonious dynamic within their blended family, prioritizing love and understanding above potential complications. Only a “true boss” can hold his home together like this. Kudos Rozay.

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