Rick Ross Wants Women To Value His Expensive Sweat

Rick Ross has found his way to the headlines over the past few weeks. From showing support for police officers to cutting down trees in a cowboy hat or buying a new cow for his farm, Rozay has been looking like the prize with the way all eyes have been on him.

Of his many antics, the MMG boss caught himself a viral moment this past weekend when he rode a camel in Dubai in a hilarious manner. As always, Twitter locked in the moment and got to cracking some jokes at him, but all that did not impede Ross from living it all the way up on his vacay.

While still cruising and grooving in Dubai, Ross was spotted partying it up at a club when he shared a few lit posts to his Instagram stories. As he danced with a lady, Rozay made a video of him literally rubbing the sweat on his head on the lady in question, which ended up on his IG story.

He may have observed people’s shock by the way they reacted and engaged with the post, so he took it upon himself to explain: “Listen, ladies, when I rub this sweat on you, this is expensive sweat.”

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