Rihanna’s 2014 IG Post Leads To Puma’s Sneaker Design Declared Public Domain

Rihanna and PUMA have been a remarkable partnership in the music and fashion industries for almost ten years. Although PUMA has encountered some challenges in obtaining a trademark from the European Union’s Intellectual Property Office, this issue can be resolved with the right approach. It is worth noting that the problem arose from a mistake made by Rihanna in 2014 when she announced on Instagram that she had joined PUMA as their creative director. Nevertheless, by identifying the root cause of the issue, PUMA can avoid similar mistakes in the future, and the company can continue to thrive under Rihanna’s creative direction.

In 2016, Dutch shoe wholesaler J.H. van Hilst won the case, but PUMA has been relentlessly trying to get the original ruling overturned, which has been shot down again. The argument against PUMA is that Rihanna’s status makes it difficult to get a trademark approved, as many people could have taken an interest in her clothing. The only silver lining is that this issue only affects Europe, not the United States. However, PUMA must resolve this matter promptly to protect their brand’s intellectual property rights and avoid mishaps.

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