Seun Kuti Accuses The Nigerian Police Of Aiding The New Wave Kidnappings

Grammy-nominated artist Seun Kuti has asserted that significant kidnapping cases are frequently handled by the Nigerian Police. The artist revealed his findings in a video on Monday, January 29, 2024, and hinted that the police may be involved in kidnappings.

Kuti shared a personal story about how, while in detention, he was placed in cell one—which is often used for violent offenders—instead of cell two, which is used for prominent individuals.

He says that it was in this cell that he learned about the Nigerian Police’s widespread participation in various kidnapping networks around the country, with the police purportedly serving as the mastermind.

The 41-year-old performer went on to claim that other Nigerians had been taken hostage by police-initiated abductions. Kuti defined kidnapping as the forcible removal of people against their will, with the primary driver being ransom demands.

He also highlighted his conviction that the police have been heavily involved in the planning of these kinds of crimes. Many fans have expressed support for the widely shared video, perhaps confirming Seun Kuti’s allegations regarding the alleged involvement of the Nigerian Police in kidnapping activities.

Additionally, Kuti compared police demands for bail to ransom payments, contending that if people are made to pay for their release, the government is effectively kidnapping them.

Hear from the horse’s mouth:

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