Seun Kuti Strongly Disapproves Of The Super Eagles’ Heavy Pre-match Meals

Nigerian Afrobeat musician Seun Kuti has sparked a discussion by questioning the national football team, the Super Eagles, about their diet.

Kuti, who is well-known for supporting African customs and culture, recently released a statement in which he said that he disapproves of the behavior of some players consuming heavy foods like pounded yam and fufu before games because of his close relationship with the squad.

Although Kuti’s comments have not received an official response from the Super Eagles, his observations have highlighted the relationship between Nigerian food, culture, and sports. This occurs particularly now as the Super Eagles are getting up for the AFCON; they recently drew with Equatorial Guinea in a game.

Kuti’s criticism has forced a closer look at the players’ eating habits and how they might affect their performance on the field as the squad gets ready for future games. Additionally, he has voiced his dissatisfaction with the Super Eagles’ lack of dedication and their inability to maintain their club level of performance while representing the national team.

As the least disciplined athletes, he bemoaned the lack of seriousness and dedication displayed by African players, particularly Nigerian footballers, during international events.

He additionally dismissed the players’ claims that their poor performance was caused by a desire for money, pointing out that the majority of them are already well-off and do not require remuneration from the Nigerian Football Federation (NFF).

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