Nigerian Muslims Drag Seyi Vibez For Sampling The Quran In His Song

It’s reasonable to conclude that Seyi Vibez has landed in hot water with the Muslim Community as he is trending for the wrong reasons. Using a Quran sample in his unreleased song, he apparently angered the Nigerian Muslim community. When Asake released Yoga, Seyi Vibez gave a sneak peek of a brand-new piece.

However, the Nigerian Muslims have requested that he and his producer take the Quran portion out of the song he has been previewing. They also demand that he apologize to all Muslims in front of the world.

Nigerian Muslims Drag Seyi Vibez For Sampling The Quran In His Song, Yours Truly, News, May 26, 2024


Muslims who disagree with Seyi Vibez’s use of Quranic recitation want him to stop using it. A group of worried Muslims has requested that Seyi Vibez remove the Quranic recitation before releasing the song, according to the Muslim social media blog “Nigerianmuslims,” which reported this on its Instagram account.

“Some concerned Muslims have come together to condemn the use of the Qur’an in a music video snippet and appeal to the song’s producer to remove the Qur’an recitation before the video is officially released.”

Divergent viewpoints could be found in the comments area, with some Muslims supporting the request while others saw nothing wrong with Seyi Vibez’s behavior.

One claimed that his behavior was immaculate since he was a Muslim, according to @queenbash big. She said, “Walai, we are doing too much too irrelevant things 1. What is the content of the song? 2. Is the singer a Muslim? 3. Is there any nudity in the song? Those are questions to be asked before we start our fanatism. What if the music helps propagate Islam? What is our problem as Muslims?”

Seyi Vibez’s sampling of the Quran’s recital, according to another user @officialyakzy, was an attempt to spread Islam.

“He’s actually and stylishly preaching Quran to people; it doesn’t matter, y’all stop this after all, that’s the Arabic language just like English.”

Seyi Vibez has not erred, according to @ayam akewiagbaye, because there was no musical accompaniment to the recital.

The single has not yet been released, and it is unknown if Seyi Vibez will take the Islamic aspect out. This, however, would be unlikely given that he has previously used such techniques in his songs. His album “Billion Dollar Baby” deluxe includes the song “Kun Faya Kun,” which has an Islamic influence.

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