Shawn Mendes Shows His “Sexy”; Shares Shirtless “Thirst Trap” Photos While Snow Sledging And Swimming

Thanks to two of his recent posts, Shawn Mendes, the talented Canadian singer-songwriter, has been the subject of much discussion on social media lately. In one video shared on January 7, 2024, the 25-year-old artist runs in the snow like a carefree child. However, he was dressed in shorts without any protection for his upper or lower body, leaving fans concerned about his well-being.

On Christmas Day, Mendes posted another video that has since gone viral, showing him stripping down to only his underwear and jumping face-down into a cold river. The video begins with Mendes walking up to an icy river in boots, a sweater, and underwear. He removes the shoes and sweater and dares to wade in. For some reason, he dips into the current face down, but it gives the camera a great view of his assets.

The video, which he captioned “Merry Christmas,” was an instant hit among his followers and has garnered over 2 million likes on Instagram. Fans quickly noticed his fit physique and daring feat, with many praising his courage and sense of adventure. The video has been shared widely on other social media platforms, sparking a frenzy of comments and reactions from his fans.

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