Simi Claims She Was “Irritated” When Writing Her Smash Hit, “Joromi”

Afrobeats singer, Simi, has shared details regarding the making of her 2017 hit song, “Joromi,” and her creative process, as well as her conflicted sentiments towards the song.

In a CNN interview that was made public online on Saturday, April 20, 2024, Simi acknowledged that she wasn’t always a fan of Joromi and said that she was first annoyed that she had to write the song on short notice. She admitted that the deadline pressure ultimately resulted in the production of the song that would go on to become a chart-topping smash, despite her initial reservations.

When the singer heard the beat for Joromi, she claimed that she had already finished creating songs for her album. She didn’t like the idea at first, but after writing several songs on the beat, she created Joromi, which was better than she had imagined.

Simi thanked him for writing “Joromi,” admitting its success and the influence it had on her career, even though at first she was “irritated.”

Since then, Joromi’s music video has received over 19 million views on YouTube, confirming its position as a favorite among fans.  Through her open disclosures, Simi gives her fans an insight into the thought process that goes into her songs and the surprising transformation of Joromi from a project driven by deadlines to a smash hit.

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