Singer Simi Explains How Her Vision Deteriorated After Giving Birth To Her Daughter

Simi has acknowledged that she started to notice her eyesight was failing following the birth of her daughter Adejare. Simi, a well-known singer from Nigeria who is married to the equally famous Adekunle Gold, spoke on social media about some of the physical changes that her pregnancy had made to her body three years later.

The singer claimed that she started to notice her eyesight declining after the birth of her daughter Adejare. Although she insisted that she was almost certain that she had 20/20 vision prior to being pregnant, she eventually started to notice that she was essentially seeing double and went to get her eyes examined in a hospital.

She added that she had been informed that the glasses were available for her to pick up when she mentioned that the physicians had determined during her visit three months prior that she would require glasses to help her eyesight going forward.

Simi won’t be the first person to experience this type of pregnancy-related side-effect; in fact, there is an ongoing discussion about the numerous ways that a woman’s body alters after giving birth. Simi is still performing as Alicia Keys’ special guest act on her Keys To The City tour while all of this is going on.

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